Watching their own children’s exposure to science, our founders Michal and Michel, wondered why children aren’t exposed to scientific concepts at the same pace as concepts in other fields; and why parents can’t easily find family-friendly hands-on science and engineering enhancement programs for young children? The result is scienceSeeds.

Founded in 2008, scienceSeeds is a science enrichment program that seeks to engage children and their parents in discovering the mysteries of the world we live in. We offer after-school classes, workshops, weekend maker sessions, summer camps and science-themed parties in an inviting, nurturing, family-friendly environment.

Science is the disciplined application of curiosity. When children experience science through building and try to configure a circuit out of some wires, batteries and paper clips, they make the connection between theory and practice and realize that science is everywhere around them. From the initial “Wow!” where something seems like magic, our students observe, experiment and learn the science behind the magic until that “Aha!” moment when all the information coalesces into understanding. Then the students harness the power of their new knowledge to make something new and different: the “Cool!” stage. Our students become absorbed in the process of learning by doing.


At scienceSeeds, we believe that science starts with questions about the world – the kind of questions that young children ask their parents and teachers every day. Our goal is to show young children that science and scientific thinking entail experimentation – processes through which kids (and their parents) can understand and answer questions about the world around them. Our activities dispel the myth that science is difficult and inaccessible, demonstrate to parents and kids that science is a part of their everyday experience and engage parents and their children in an ongoing process of exploration and discovery.


scienceSeeds strives to motivate and engage young minds, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and promote the natural acquisition of a scientific vocabulary. We will help children understand that getting wrong answers is part of discovering the right ones. We will provide an environment that motivates all children to engage in ongoing investigation both individually and collaboratively.

scienceSeeds reinforces children’s natural curiosity and creates an on-going dialogue between children and their peers, parents and teachers. We gently help children organize their investigations to achieve interesting and consistent results (which is the goal of “the scientific methods”) while encouraging creative thinking and unorthodox solutions. scienceSeed’s activities provide fun experiences grounded in the process of scientific discovery and discourse.

Too often we confuse the results of scientific effort with the process of doing science. Textbooks full of facts and formulas are daunting and often dull. By contrast, the process of acquiring that knowledge is full of mystery, excitement, creative problem-solving, many wrong turns and the occasional brilliant insight. scienceSeeds introduces children to this scientific adventure. We hope to make your child’s journey entertaining, rewarding and enriching.

Our Team

  • Michal

    For Michal, scienceSeeds marks a departure from almost 20 years on Wall Street, where she founded and ran a successful software development and consulting business.  She loves supporting children’s natural inclinations to explore and take risks early on, and reinforcing their interest in the world around them. And best of all, she has a lot of fun playing with all the toys she never had time to play with before. Michal holds a BS (Philosophy and Logic of Formal Systems) from Stanford and a MS (Computer Science) from Columbia University

  • Alon

    Having been with scienceSeeds from its very first days as junior counselor, Alon who studied at Carleton College  is now a full time instructor. With his passion for Environmental Science and the outdoors, scienceSeeds' focus on hands-on projects and emphasis on transmitting the wonders and excitement of science to a younger generation was a perfect fit. From using 3D Printers to build designs from scratch to exploring Physics with a bit of catapult mayhem (organized empirical ballistic experiments) his days are never dull. When not teaching, Alon finds new projects to expand the scienceSeeds repertoire.

  • Michel

    Our chief-scientist holds a PhD in Geophysics from Princeton and a MS and BS  from Stanford. Natural curiosity, a love of science and a passion for knowledge have always defined Michel. scienceSeeds offers him the opportunity to share his quest for knowledge with a younger generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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