Summer Camps (Ages 6-14)

Get ready to join us for a summer of exploration and wonder. Join scienceSeeds this summer for the best STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) and Maker camps Princeton has to offer. Most Princeton area science camps use canned curriculum but at scienceSeeds we develop our own curriculum with your child in mind.

From Harry Potter Science and Star Wars Science to computer aided design and video gameprogramming, 3D Printing and robotics, our camps are sure to get your children excited about science technology and engineering.

Since almost all of our camps involve hands-on activities, children will take home many projects .

Additional Information:

  • Our camp hours are 9:00am-3:30pm. Some of our camps are half-day allowing children to experiment with more than one subject area at a time.
  • We offer extended care (early drop-off 8:00am and/or late pickup 5:30pm) for an additional fee
  • Our Camp locations are specified in the camp descriptions. All camps marked scienceSeeds main are offered at 29 Emmons Drive – Suite G10
  • Email us with any additional questions or concerns.

Please Note:

We love teaching and working with all your children. However, in fairness to our instructors and to all our families who participate in our programs, please do not register  your child for a summer program if he or she  does not meet the minimum age criteria on the first day of camp. If you aren’t sure whether or not your child is eligible to participate in a program, please check with our staff. Our age criteria help ensure that all campers have a great experience.

Solve the Mystery!!

Join us for a week of challenge and brain teasers? Can you solve our "Who Dunnit?", discover the source of the pandemic, or crack codes in order to find a treasure? Join us for  a week long adventure as you discover how S.T.E.A.M is used by spies, detectives, scientists and engineers.  From fingerprints to DNA,  from fossils to cells,  handwriting analysis to invisible ink, code cracking and logic, learn important principles of chemistry, physics, math and biology while working to unravel different puzzles and learning the tools of the trade.

Numerous challenges await you, so bring your best critical thinking skills to analyze evidence and solve our mystery and crack our puzzles.

Date: August 13, 2018 - August 17, 2018

Ages: 6-12

Location: scienceSeeds Main


MAKER: Engineering Games (Ages 6-12)

Have you ever wanted to invent your own game, but weren’t sure how to make it work? Then this MAKER camp is for you! We will learn the basic principles of engineering, including design skills, planning with limited resources, and constructing with different materials and new tools. We will use our knowledge to make hands-on games of all types! From strategy board games using math and statistics, to tabletop games using physics tricks, to using Scratch and programming to design games using MAKEY MAKEY we will be sure to engineer some incredible and original creations to test and take home!


  • Camp Hours: 9:00am-3:30pm
  • We offer early drop-off (8:00am) and late pickup (5:30pm) for an additional fee.
  • Projects will depend on the age of the participants

Date: August 20, 2018 - August 24, 2018

Ages: 6-12

Location: scienceSeeds Main


S.T.E.A.M Extravaganza (Ages 6-12)

It’s the end of summer and we saved the best for last! Join us for one last week of exciting science exploration, experimentation, and building! Designed around our favorite maker and S.T.E.A.M science projects from this and past summers, this camp will bounce between themes each day to make sure we highlight the best of the best. From the study of forces to electronics, from ooey-gooey chemistry to the cutting edge of 3D Printing and laser cutters, we have tons of fun science to explore and hands-on projects to make.

Sign up for the whole week or by the day (depending on availability - call us after August 20th) and make sure you end your summer with a bang!


Additional Information

  • Camp Hours: 9:00am-3:30pm
  • We offer early drop-off (8:00am) and late pickups (5:30pm) for an additional fee.
  • We are unable to offer day by day registrations until mid-August

Date: August 27, 2018 - August 31, 2018

Ages: 6-12

Location: scienceSeeds Main